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Dante is a fighter, tough and strong to the core. He also has the playboy mentality, saying that he wasn't sure what he liked more, being in a battle or the soft skin of a woman under him. Through out the first part of "Kiss of Crimson" there are many references of him and woman and him not caring about them and just using them for primal needs. He has never wanted a breed-mate, in fact in Kiss of Midnight he tells Lucan "better you then me" when referring to the bond that has formed between Lucan and Gabrielle. Even though he says he does not want that kind of commitment, he has a hard time staying away from Tess and even arranges "chance" meetings between the two of them.

Relationships Edit

Tess Culver

Tess is his breedmate that he accidently bonded to in the beginning of Kiss of Crimson. He tries to keep himself at a distance with her knowing that this is a complication that he does not need or even want, tho he fails to do so. Tess saves his life in the beginning of KOC.

Chase Sterling

He has zero to no respect for Chase in the beginning of KOC, and hates the fact that he has to be his guide/chaperone when going out in the field with the Darkhaven officer. Though his respect for Chase does steadily increase through the novel.