She is the breedmate of Lucan Thorne and the main female protagonist of Kiss of Midnight, the first novel in the series.


Gabrielle was a forster care child untill she was adopted by the kindly Maxwells. As the Maxwells' child she was sent to boarding school and an out-of-state college, while at which they both died during a car crash.

The Maxwells provided for her some information about her birth mother; a crazy screaming about vampires that was declared incompetent, and put in a mental aslyum where she later hung herself with her bedsheets.

The attack and botched memory-scrub of Gabrielle's mother is described in the prologue of Kiss of Midnight, 27 years prior to the main events of the novel.

In the novelsEdit

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Character TraitsEdit

Gabrielle is of average height with a slender, curvaceous body. She has long, wavy red-auburn golden hair, brown eyes, and smooth alabaster skin. She is considered to be very beautiful.


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