Midnight Breed series is based in the real-world city of Boston, US.

However, it is not actually the real-world as it is inhabited by vampires both Breed and Rogue.

Breed VampiresEdit

Breed vampires are all male and decended of savage aliens that crashed onto earth a very long time ago [please refine]. To overcome the lack of female vampires, vampires breed with Breedmates; female humans with rare genetic compatability with vampires.

They are generally ranked by their generation, Gen One being the strongest and all subsequent generations less so, as they are more 'diluted' by human blood.

They all suffer intolerance to sunlight, earlier generations more so than later.


Breedmates are not vampires. They are human women with genetic compatability with vampires, often marked with a drop of blood falling into a cresent moon
Breedmate mark

Breedmate mark


Yes, real women have had these tattooed onto them.


The 'burial' tradition of the vampire Breed is in fact not an actual burial.

The ritual involved the baring (bar a strip of embroided white silk about the hips) and annointment of the body, prayers of the firends and family, a service and being carried topside. The person to carry the body is usually a younger generation, as it is less difficult for them to endure the sunlight.

Lucan (Gen One) endures the ceremony to honour Conlan.

Rogue VampiresEdit

Rogue vampires are Breed vampires that have fallen to the temptation of Bloodlust; consuming too much blood and becoming crazy with unquenchable thirst.