Background Edit

Tess Culver is a veterinarian and the breedmate of Dante.

Later in the chapters you learn more about her and her past through flashbacks. In one flash back she remembers being told that she is a killer, and this is past problem on her birthday is refrenced as to the reason why she has a hard time getting close to people.

Realtionships Edit


How they met - He met her on the night that encountered his first Breed that was high on Crimson and got shot. He crawled his way into her vet clinic, there is where he first saw her. When he fed from her to save his life he then realized the Breedmate mark on her hand, shortly after she injects him with tranquilizer she had in her pocket meant for the tiger that her ex boyfriend had brought her and tried to call her ex to come help her. The tranquilizer wore off and that was when he tried to explain to her the event that has happened and how her life will change. He was cut off by police cars coming to check on Tess that her boyfriend sent. Though she saved his life, she does not remember doing so due to Dante washing her memory.


She was in a "on/off" relationship with Ben. They met years ago when he brought her a very sick and emaciated Serval. They dated for about a year and was even asked to marry Ben until she called it off. She still loves him as a friend and a brother though is trying to cut the tie between the two of them. He is still in love with her though she called off the relationship after she found out about his illegal exploits.

He is the dealer of the Crimson drug which was making the Breed go feral and turn rogue.